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If you own a Spa or Hot Tub that is OUT OF WARRANTY - We will be happy to help.
With Certain Manufacturers Purchasing Parts from China, we reserve the right to deny service to people that purchased their hot tub online from manufacturers in Tenn and Florida.


We are doing our Civic duty and have Gone Green! When possible, we purchase recycled material for our repairs such as recycled; plastics for our plumbing, wire for our electrical, aluminum for our housings and recycled cardboard for shipments. Our Websites are hosted on a US Server Farm powered by Wind Turbines. We always do our best to recycle old parts (Even when it costs us to do so!).

We are Americans Doing Our Part to Help America! Our staff are primarily comprised of U.S. Combat Veterans! AS A COMPANY, WE BUY AMERICAN MADE PRODUCTS from Companies located in the US or Canada, when available. (ie. 93% of Our Plastics for plumbing come from Charlotte, NC; our wiring and aluminum casings also contain recycled material and are made right here in the United States.  Our Service Vehicles ARE MADE IN THE United States and always Maintained and Operated Efficiently.

We are committed to our Country and our Economy and take seriously our pledge to Think Globally and Act Locally. Enjoy time with your family in your backyard .... relaxing in a soothing hot tub and not working on it!I was recently asked. Why I felt MySpaGuy deserved a spa repair over competitors.. MySpaGuy is the best option when it comes to spa repair for many reasons! People we have dealt with (our CUSTOMERS) know ..... 1) We are going to back our warranty (in the future) if something related to your hot tub repair fails; 2) We stand behind our technicians and honor our warranty pledge - whether that includes us coming back out .... or just walking you through care and use instructions over the phone; 3) We only use High Quality American Made products and replacement parts, when available; 4) Once we provide a written repair quote (based on accurate info)- it may as well be written in stone; 5) We are professionals and we will complete the repairs we contract for - even if it means we have to come out multiple times. You can be certain your repair is done right! (Water + Electricity can be a dangerous situation.)

Many people try to fix their own spa or hot tub to save money. It is hard to believe how many people tell me they installed this component or that component because some website online or some email expert or troubleshooting manual said that would fix it - BUT DIDNT. Then they have invested hundreds of dollars in parts that didn't resolve the issue. Those parts can't be returned! Not to mention HOURS AND HOURS OF THEIR TIME. Everyone's' time is valuable. Imagine all that aggravation on top of wasted money and your spa still doesn't work!

Give My Spa Guys your repairs and let experienced Technicians handle the repairs. Did you know other companies will charge you a low trip charge! What they do not tell you is they charge labor from the moment they get out of their truck until they leave. We only charge for actual time working. Other Companies will give you a quote but wont explain what is wrong, how to fix it or what parts you need. They just tell you how much. In Contrast, We tell you what is wrong and what needs to be replaced. After you pay our diagnostic fee, we will even match any internet price and ship the parts to you along with free tips and tricks on how to ensure the parts are installed properly. You can get an itemized list of items to replace and our pricing ...... so you can compare our prices to anyone out there.

If your Pump stopped running; you, like many others, will purchase a pump online and install it. Just to learn that the relay or board has an issue. You would learn a lesson if your new pump burned up as soon as you plugged it in, wouldn't you?

 Part Manufacturers are operating with limited cash flow (just like everyone else) and they are following their written warranty to the Tee. They will not warranty a part if you caused its failure.

Spas can be complicated - let experienced and professionally trained techs handle the repairs. Rest assured - we will stand by our work.

If after we provide our diagnostic evaluation and quotes, and we are wrong, we will eat the costs to correct our errors. Even if that means, we have to pull the components back off we installed and put your old gear back in at no additional cost.

Our warranty is the strongest warranty in the service industry. Call us to schedule and we will attempt to send our tech with the parts needed to repair your spa - the first trip.

PLEASE PERUSE OUR WEBSITE for additional information and Schedule appointments via phone 888-697-7248 / 888-My-Spa-Guy

The fewer surprises we have - the fewer you have.

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We service and Repair: Viking, Jacuzzi, Sundance, Hotsprings, Caldera, Watkins, Tiger River and many more!

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What good is a Warranty if they won't return calls? MySpaGuy responds to all emails, Text Messages and phone messages within 8 business hours!

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Great Warranty Service

 Posted by NASONCO

 These guys are Awesome! I called the manufacturer on Friday and was in my spa on Monday. David was very helpful. Their prices are very fair. I have no complaints. Thanks Dave, I highly recommend you! Thanks, G Nason


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There may be additional fees for areas outside of these service areas but not significant, just enough to cover our costs incurred in going out there. Since our trucks are stocked with most commonly replaced parts, we can typically complete repairs within one trip.